Data Analysis Reports of Examination

PEC generates a provincial report about the students’ achievement level. In this report the overall achievement of the districts in the subject, gender groups, location, medium of instruction and school sector is compared. High achiever, medium range and low level districts are identified for intervention to improve the students learning level. These reports provide useful information for teachers, curriculum developers, text book writers and assessment conducting organizations.

National Curriculum with Students Learning Outcomes (SLO's)

If a nation has one curriculum for all the provinces or states that is called National Curriculum. This is a document which explains the standards of a subject knowledge derived from national educational goals. In order to achieve the same educational standards throughout the country, benchmarks for each class and students’ learning outcomes are designed. The content and sub content areas are selected and organized to achieved the knowledge and skills mentioned in the curriculum.

Advice for Teachers

PEC prepares guidelines for teachers based on students’ test’s data. Students’ responses are analyzed and criticized from different angles to understand student’s level of learning. This kind of criticism provides an option to teacher to not only think over what are the weaknesses and strengths of the students in the same content area but also familiarizes them with the students’ level of knowledge and skills. This helps and guides teachers to use better teaching and learning strategies to improve the students’ learning level.

Computerized Answer Sheets

It is a paper sheet used by the students to mark the correct option of the multiple choice question (MCQs). Students read the MCQs from the question paper and then mark the correct option given on this separate sheet. Below the MCQ part scorer, teacher marks the scores of each constructed response question. This sheet is scanned and data is used for preparation of subject results of each students.

  • Grade 5
  • Grade 8